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The Ultra Suction Denture

Recent research has developed a device for stabilizing loose dentures. It is called the Ultra Suction Denture and it works by creating a suction chamber on the underside of your denture. This suction makes the denture more firm and secure and can help you with eating drinking and talking.

If you wear full dentures, Ultra Suction should considerably improve the stability of your dentures, resulting in a firm and secure feeling. It can be fitted to your existing dentures or done while making a new set of dentures.

In most upper denture situations the Ultra Suction allows us to reduce the size of the plastic palate, improving both comfort and taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I still need Adhesive?

No! Denture adhesive will only clog the suction passages and make the valves ineffective.

Is Ultra Suction FDA approved?


How long will Ultra Suction last?

Ultra Suction valves are made of surgical stainless steel. They will last as long as your denture. However, we recommend that you return to our office regularly to open the valves and clean the passages thoroughly.

Once Fitted with Ultra Suction, how do I clean my denture?

Run water through the suction chamber and remove any food debris on a daily basis then use a soft brush to clean the denture.

My dentures need relining, can Ultra Suction be fitted at the same time?

Definitely! We take an impression of your gums and fit Ultra Suction at the same time we reline your dentures.

Does Ultra Suction work as well as implants?

No. But for most people Ultra Suction is a more affordable solution.

Lower Upper (no palate)